H.E.R Group Chat
H.E.R Group Chat
Felicia Bowman

Welcome to H.E.R Group Chat

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About Me

Hey!!! We are so excited to have you join us here in this space. We started this community as a way to create space for women that helped empower, educate, and support as we tackle our daily life issues. We believe in the power of sisterhood-it's healing, informative, and filled with love and compassion. We are so excited and eager to spend time with all of you! This is H.E.R space!

Why You Should Join Me

Being a black woman can be challenging. We are tasked with upholding the image of a "strong black woman," caring for our families, nurturing relationships, and securing the bag, and looking glamorous. I don't know about you, but that's a lot. We know what's it's like to be/do everything for everyone but ourselves. We also know what it feels like to spend time prioritizing self-care and healing, and it changed our lives. Other women should have the same experience, and you can start or continue that here with H.E.R group chat. 

A Big Thanks

From the bottom of our heart, THANK YOU! We are truly blessed to have supporters like you. Your support will never go unnoticed. We can't wait to connect with you all further. Love you all!

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